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IT Crafts HR

Jun 23, 2020

Do you know what the talent acquisition is really about and how it supports strategic workforce planning? What role it plays in the whole project of sourcing candidates, putting them through the candidate journey and getting them onboarded? Listen to this episode and learn how is it to run recruitment processes both in start-ups and big companies, what skills are essential to operate on a global scale and what are the challenges you have to deal with. 

Maks talks with Graham King, HR Director at Socrates Capital, who spent many years working as Global Talent Acquisition for such companies as Amplify and Thomson Reuters. Graham shares his experience on how to build technology and talent acquisition strategy, and reveals the challenges of putting together one global technology team, and talent acquisition function that could serve that team globally as well. On top of that he shows his insights on why is it crucial to communicate with recruitment partners and to develop partnership through using and sharing data and analytics.